Wood in Architecture Trends 2022

Source: Unsplash by Linus Mimietz


In 2022, the global architecture trend goes to environmental issues. 75% of architects, engineers, contractors, and operators see that sustainability is the key issue. As one of the few sustainable building materials, wood architecture takes center place as environmental consideration reaches its climax.

Timber is now the preferred building material, placed in the 1st place according to the Architecture and Design Trends 2022 report by Thermory, alongside sustainability. Wood architecture is strong and durable, with multiple looks and feels for convenience. 

Both for large, urban settlements and secluded, small dwellings, wood architecture’s strength, and flexibility gives credence for its popularity.

Timber as a building material has many advantages over other building materials: it promotes sustainability, renewability, and carbon footprint reduction. 

Source: Unsplash by Hutomo Abrianto

Wood is a sustainable and renewable material because it comes from nature and it is easy to reuse. Wood architecture traps carbon in its structure until it is returned to nature, contributing to the slowing of global warming.

Wood architecture makes humans closer to nature, which has positive effects on human health and wellness, both physiologically and psychologically. According to the Architecture and Design Trends 2022 report by Thermory, wellness at home places in the 8th place.

Humans intrinsically strive to be close to nature, a phenomenon known as biophilia – love of nature. Manmade constructs, such as concrete, steel, and plastics can be detrimental to human’s mental health since it is far removed from the natural world.

Using or adding wood to building design achieves that closeness. The benefits of wood architecture for the human body are lower stress levels, higher relaxation, and added concentration, which led to increased productivity and positivity of people living and working in the vicinity. Adding other natural elements such as natural running water and living plants also achieves this effect.

Source: https://us.kebony.com/blog/building-architecture-17-examples-of-modern-wooden-building-architecture/

Natural wood’s flexibility makes it possible to create unique buildings. Many buildings, such as Seattle’s Burke Museum and Trondheim’s Moholt 50|50, use wood with creativity.

Floors, walls, and ceilings can be customized with wood to give a new atmosphere to old dwellings. Even old timbers can be captivating to the eyes, with proper care and maintenance.

With wood as a trending material in 2022’s architecture and design, Kayu Lapis Indonesia is committed to quality wood products and sustainability. Kayu Lapis Indonesia’s motto is always the same: Establishing Layers of Sustainable Future.