Know Your Wood: A Guide to Natural Flooring Choices

The choice of flooring is can make or break your house. Through the choice of flooring, the atmosphere of a building can change drastically. In terms of material choice, one of the most highlighted types of flooring is wood flooring. One sub-type of it is natural wood flooring. 

Natural wood flooring, also known as solid wood flooring, is a type of flooring created from solid planks of wood. It is known to be beautiful, versatile, and durable. It has many advantages in terms of mechanical and visual properties.

1. High durability and versatility

Wood as a building material is known as a strong material. Buildings with solid wood flooring are known to last for centuries. Wood’s versatility also takes into account a good flooring material. It can be used anywhere, including in the basement and attic.

2. Multiple refinish opportunities

Natural wood flooring is created from solid wood. Therefore, it can be sanded multiple times without being broken. It is different from engineered wood flooring that is a combination of solid wood and plywood. If taken care of properly, natural wood flooring can last a lifetime.

3. High insulation rate

Wood has a high insulation rate. For wood flooring, this means that the flooring stays warm when the outside temperature is cold, and vice versa. This adds to the comfort of those who live and work in the building.

4. Various customization options

Wood patterns are known to be beautiful. Different knots, swirls, grains, and stains that come with the wood give the air of authenticity and natural beauty. Different species of wood have different colors and patterns. There are many species of wood, therefore increasing the options to decorate and give different feelings to a building.


That being said, natural wood flooring is not without weakness. There are some disadvantages of using natural wood flooring that potential buyers have to take note of.

1. Susceptible to humidity

Wood products are susceptible to humid conditions. This also applies to natural wood flooring. Make sure that every drop of water is cleaned immediately, and the flooring stays dry.

2. Possible higher cost

With high quality, comes high cost. As it is often a quality product, the price that buyers have to contend with may be higher than ordinary flooring.

3. Needs a lot of care

Before installing, you need to be acclimated to the room’s temperature and humidity. After it is installed, it still needs maintenance to preserve its condition. It’s true that proper care can make natural wood flooring lasts for a long time, but the care itself can be somewhat tedious.

With everything explained, what do you think about using it in your house? Are you interested to decorate and bringing a new atmosphere with natural wood flooring? Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) has an assortment of wood flooring that are assured to satisfy your need for quality and comfort.